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Monday, June 25, 2012

Century Partners Has Partnered With Rel-Integral Based In India And UK

Century Partners Has Partnered With Rel-Integral Based In India And UK

We take this opportunity to kindly let you know that during May 2012, Century Partners have partnered with Rel-Integral, a Corporate Consultants Private Limited firm based in India and UK.

Century Partners has joined hands with Rel-Integral to provide excellent Equity Advisory and Financial Services to people around the world.

We can collaborate with companies in several ways such as providing them with Financial Services, Legal Services, Regulatory Compliances Tax Advisory Services, Audits and Accounts, Equity Advisory and Risk Management.

  • Rel-Integral with it's highly qualified and experienced team members provides specialized services in corporate and commercial fields.

  • Assist its clients with a full spectrum of services to facilitate growth of business establishments.

  • Builds enduring relationship with its clients based on trust, innovation and by rendering customized and value added corporate practices.

  • Help its clients in taking critical decision making process.

For more information, kindly check our Corporate Profile Presentation.

Contact us via email/phone or visit our offices in all the major cities in India and London, UK.